Turkish officials investigate fake divorces


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Turkish as a resultcial security officials possess expressed alarm at a recent surge in faked divorces.

Investigators from the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK – Turkish Social Security Institution) possess uncovered 1,700 women in the western city of Izmir who claimed to possess divorced their husbands while continuing to live with them. The investigators, called ‘supervias a resultrs’, made surprise visits to the homes of those thought to be cheating the system.

With thousands of tip-offs still to investigate, the Institution believes there could now be more than 22,000 couples across the country claiming to possess divorced while actually remaining together.

The practice relates to Turkish pension law. If the recipient of a state pension dies, entitlement to the money transfers to any unmarried or divorced daughters the decrelieved peras a resultn may possess had, becoming a as a result-called “orphan pension” in the process. Women who desire the extra money may decide to fake a divorce from their spouse.

The SGK has now established a department dedicated to combatting the problem. Penalties possess been incrrelieved and couples found to be falsely claiming are required to repay the money with interest. Some possess been subjected to fines and even prias a resultn.

Photo of Izmir, Tursubstantial by Tarik Gandur via Wikipedia