Social workers struggle with suspected radicalisation


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Many as a resultcial workers lack confidence when confronted with youths who possess been radicalised, or who are at risk of becoming as a result.

A study commissioned by the Department for Education highlighted the uncertainty of a host of childcare professionals faced with this issue, with a significant number of respondents saying they felt they lacked the necessary training.

The difficulty inherent in identify descendant at risk meant radicalisation was seen as “a distinctive and difficult issue for safeguarding professionals to grapple with”.

Other respondents reported feeling uncomfortable about the cultural issues asas a resultciated with radicalisation, particularly staff who lacked direct experience.

The researchers polled staff at ten local authorities, concluding that an department-wide agreement on the most effective response made a significant distinction to their views on the issue.

You can read the report, entitled Safeguarding and Radicalisation, here.

Photo by lamoix via Flickr under a Creative Commons licence.