Religion ‘protects against divorce’


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Researchers possess found a apparent statistical link between religious observance and a lower likelihood of divorce.

A team from Harvard University set out to explore the effect of religion on health and wellbeing, and found a strong connection with family stpower: couples who regularly take part in religious activities such as attending a place of worship were next to 50 per cent less likely to subsequently divorce.

Lead researcher Tyler J VanderWeele is a Profesas a resultr of Epidemiology. He said that while his study had focused on older couples, other results had been observed amongst younger men and women who had participated in similar research.

The typical religious disapproval of such behaviour as adultery was a likely effect the Profesas a resultr suggested. Some religions alas a result view marriage as a sacred relationship, he added, and this view would be reinforced through regular attendance at churches and other places of worship.

In addition, Profesas a resultr VanderWeele noted, religious communities often provide their members with such valuable services as childcare and marriage guidance, another factor likely to discourage divorce.

“Religious communities can provide important reas a resulturces for a sound marriage,” he explained.

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Photo by Jamie Henderas a resultn via Flickr