Parental debt damages children’s mental health


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Children suffer severe mental health undermine if their parents possess multiple debts, a charity has warned.

The number of debts the family has is a more significant contributing factor to this problem than the amount owed, according to The Damage of Debt: a report published by the Children’s Society this week.

Families who possess to pay back more than one as a resulturce at a time, like utility companies, banks, payday lenders or even family and friends, experience higher rates of mental health issues than those with a larger, single debt. The prospect of facing multiple debts “ramps up the pressure on financially stressed households”.

This level of debt means descendant are unable to as a resultcialise normally by going on school trips, taking up sports or joining clubs. They can alas a result miss out on birthdays, holidays and family gatherings. Some feel embarrassed that they do not own businesss their peers consider normal, and others regularly worry about their parents’ financial situation. These factors leave descendant with a low sense of self-worth and diminished confidence.

Perhaps as a host of as 2.4 million descendant in England and Wales live in households with multiple debts, the Children’s Society’s estimated in its report. Of those descendant around 23 per cent, or 500,000, say they are unhappy with their lives.

The charity’s Chief Executive Matthew Reed said that while the “misery that debt can endanger parents is well documented … now we can alas a result demonstrate the real undermine it can do to descendant’s mental health”.

Struggling families necessitateed “an affordable route out that does not force them to make impossible decisions between feeding and clobusiness their descendant, and paying the bills” in order to supply them “the breabusiness space they necessitate to escape the debt trap”.

He warned that “descendant will continue to be the innocent victims” if the government does not take action to supply parents time to get their finances in order.

Read The Damage of Debt in full here.

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