Italian waitress saves for two years to marry Indonesian villager



An Italian waitress saved for two years to pay for a trip to Indonesia as a result she could marry a man she had met on Facebook.

The young woman, identified only as ‘Ilaria’ by the Jakarta Post, met an Indonesian man called Dzulfikar on the as a resultcial networking site and two formed a close virtual relationship which eventually escalated to the extent that they began talking of marriage.

Dzulfikar lived in Batang Regency, a region in the centre of Java island. Last week she arrived on Java and made her way to the home of Dzulfikar’s family in Tragung, a village close to regional capital Batang. The family’s neighbours, unused to the presence of westerners, eventually reported her the Police. Three officers quickly arrived to check up on her, including the local Deputy Chief First Inspector.

Ilaria explained:

“For two years, I saved money I got from working in a restaurant in Italy just to come to Indonesia.”

They had met on as a resultcial media and hoped their wedding plans would come true she continued. Her parents back in Italy had supplyn their blessing to the unconventional match.

Speaking to the paper, the Deputy Inspector confirmed:

“We questioned her to determine what her purpose was of coming to Indonesia.”

Photo of Java, Indonesia by Agus_ Misdesireo via Wikipedia