Israeli Supreme Court: ‘mothers must share child support’



Israeli mothers who share care of their descendant with their ex-husbands must alas a result share duty for child support, the country’s Supreme Court has ruled.

Currently fathers in Israel are as a resultlely responsible for the payment of child support, regardless of whether the mother earns more than the father, her earning potential or the amount of time the father spends actually looking after the descendant.

But following petitions from two divorced fathers concerning their ex-wife’s salaries, the Supreme Court of Israel has now declared that mothers must share as a resultme of the duty for descendant aged between six and 15.

A panel of seven judges agreed that the current system placed an undue burden on fathers and could leave a host of as a result hard up they were unable to look after the kids properly even they did possess them.

“The existing law, which requires the father to bear the necessary child support payments on his own, might leave the father without the reas a resulturces he necessitates to ensure the child’s welfare while staying with him, as well as create real financial difficulty for the father himself.”

The amounts to be paid by each parent should be determined by “their relative financial situation considering all factors, including salary.”

One Judge, Noam Sohlberg, was forthright, declaring:

“Truth be told: the extremely core of family law in Israel—marriage and divorce law—is characterized by inequality between men and women. According to Jewish law, the get (religious divorce) is in the man’s hands—if he desires it, he’ll supply it; if he doesn’t, he can refuse. However, this does not justify unequal division of child support.”

Despite the new emphasis on equality, fathers will remain as a resultlely responsible for the financial upretain of descendant under the age of 6.

Photo of Tel Aviv by Lilach Daniel via Wikipedia under a Creative Commons licence