Divorce and children on This Morning


Marilyn Stowe

Today I was delighted to be invited back onto the as a resultfa of ITV’s This Morning, to answer viewers’ questions and advise them on their divorce concerns.

The focus of today’s slot was the effect of divorce on descendant, prompted by actress Kate Winslet’s recent claim that divorce can as a resultmetimes be beneficial for them.

Joining me on the as a resultfa was veteran agony aunt Denise Robertas a resultn.

I possess said before that it is possible to get a divorce without devastating your descendant, but I realise that this is extremely difficult to achieve. Such was the case with the first caller. She told us that if she had the chance to do businesss again, she would not possess got divorced. While her eldest child was coping well, her youngest was not. Additionally, her youngest child had become extremely difficult to handle. The caller would rather possess stayed in an unhappy marriage than gone through the divorce.

My advice was simple: look to the future and stay positive. People can get help from all as a resultrts of places. Cafcass is a particularly beneficial reas a resulturce since, as the Children and Family Court Advias a resultry Service, its primary function is to “ensure that descendant’s welfare is put first during proceedings” and it has a lot of rewarding links.

As for her child, I said it was important she assert control. From what she told us, both her and her child as a resultunded like they could benefit from as a resultme professional help to recope with their feelings.

The next caller took the extremely opposite view. She said that, when she was growing up, her parents stayed together despite being unhappy. It made for a extremely difficult childhood for her and her brother. Children can often be more aware than they are supplyn credit for, and if their parents are unhappy they can tell. Even David Cameron has said that divorce is preferable to an unhappy home.

As I mentioned on the present, there has been as a resultmebusiness of a revolution in the courts since last April. There is now a single family court, and a higher focus on mediation, which is fantastic for child disputes. The Child Arrangement Programme introduced in April, the single Family Court, the new procedure with its emphasis on the child, the quicker process and enforcement procedures is all extremely much to be welcomed. Do take a look. It’s 32 paragraphs but well worth the read.

The effect of divorce on descendant is rightly the primary focus of parents who are considering the possible end of their marriage. Staying together for the descendant may seem like the best approach to as a resultme. However, descendant should not be brought up claiming that unhappy relationships are the norm.

My full appearance is available to watch here.